$50 per month
after trial period
1 user included
Add up to 3 more users
$25 each per month
2 hours video included
Additional video
$15 / hour per month
2GB images & data
Additional storage
$5 / 10GB block per month
20GB content delivery
Additional streaming
$0.25 / GB

30-day Free Trial — Sign Up

  • During the free trial, accounts are limited to 1 hour of video, 1 GB of imagery and data, and 10 GB of content delivery. Free trial accounts may be upgraded to paid status at any time to remove these limits.
  • Users and office locations may be added, free of charge, during the free trial. Upon upgrading to paid status, any users or offices that exceed the included amounts will be added to the first bill.
  • Free trials are offered solely at the discretion of Survae.